Heidi Voet
Lives and works in Brussels and Shanghai.



Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art
Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, China
from August 25 to November 25, 2016
with William Kentridge, Rosemarie Trockel, Kimsooja, Oscar Murillo, Piotr Uklański, Claudia Losi, Junko Suzuki, Chen Chieh-Jen, Willem De Rooij, Pae White, Rossella Biscotti, ...

The Morality Reflex
CAC Vilnius, Lithuania
curated by Heidi Ballet
from September 2 to October 19, 2016
with Judy Chicago, Linas Jablonskis, Leon Ferrari, Carlos Motta, Dan Graham, Joachim Koester, Bart Van Dijck, Marianne Simnett, An Van Dienderen, ...

Private tag
Domein Raversyde, Oostend, Belgium
curated by Hendrik Tratsaert
from September 18 to November 13, 2016

The 11th Shanghai Biennale, Why not ask again?
Power Station of Art, Shanghai (CN)
curated by Raqs Media Collective
from November 11, 2016 to March 12, 2017

Living in Dreams
De Bondt, Bruges, Belgium
curated by Frank Koolen and Els Fiers
from January 29 to March 26, 2017
with Nel Aerts, Feiko Beckers, Kim David Bots, Morgan Betz, Melanie Bonajo, Vaast Colson, Kendell Geers, Laurent Jourquin, John Isaacs, Jaap Kroneman, Nishiko, Erkka Nissinen, Sarah & Charles, Lieven Segers, Dennis Tyfus, Roy Villevoye, ...


2015 500 years, BANK, Shanghai (CN)
2014 As far as I can see, curated by Leo Xu projects, MCM gallery, Shanghai (CN)
2013 Can the maker repair what he makes, Salon Blanc, Oostende (B)
2011 Is six afraid of seven, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai (CN)
2010 If I was beautiful. If I had the time., Kasteel Beauvoorde (B)
2009 Endless Lightness, curated by Ronald Van de Sompel, FLACC, Genk (B)
2008 Cool, Sweet & drill holes, IT Park Gallery, Taipei (TW)
2007 Happy Next Year, OneTwenty Gallery, Ghent (B)
2006 The Joker, Beauty Room, Paris (F)
2005 Present Perfect Tension, Sint-Lukas gallery, Brussels (B) ° Time.Line, Bruges (permanent work) (B)
2001 Islet, CCNOA, Brussels (B)
1996 (levende lijven.), Netwerkgalerij, Aalst (B)


2015 6+1, curated by Martina Koppel-Yang, CIGB, Beijing (CN) ° Vive le Capital, curated by Christophe Draeger and Xin Wang, BANK, Shanghai (CN) ° Aandacht! Aandacht!, de Warande, Turnhout (B) ° Balance Sheets, curated by Kit Hammonds, Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong ° Aandacht! Aandacht, C-Mine, Genk (B)
2014 DECORUM, carpets and tapestries from artists, curated by Anne Dressen and Gong Yan, Powerstation of Art, Shanghai (CN) ° Art of living, curated by Zhou Tiehai and MABsociety, Jing An Kerry Center, Shanghai (CN) ° Spoor 9, curated by SecondRoom and Lokaal01, Central Station, Antwerp (B) ° Art in the city, K11, Shanghai (CN) ° Another dream, Another sense, Another Mind, Law faculty Library, KULeuven, Leuven (B) ° PO(r)TION, curated by Josef Ng, L'Avenue, Shanghai (CN)
2013 Revel, MOCA, Shanghai, (CN) ° Laowai Allegorist/Antagonist, BANK Art Space, Shanghai, (CN) ° Neo Povera, L&M Arts, curated by Harmony Murphy, Los Angeles, (USA) ° Lounge #2, Le Clougoff, curated by Philippe Bream, Private house, Brussels (B) ° Does Europe matter, Vitamin creative space/The Pavillion, curated by Jun Yang , Beijing, (CN) ° Found in translation, curated by Emmanuel Lambion in collaboration with Nathalie Guiot & Thalie Art Project, collector's house, Brussels (B) ° The Critical Fundamentals of Europe, Goethe Institut, Brussels (B)
2012 What is it about the end of the world that makes it so appealing?, V Art Center, Shanghai, (CN) ° Very Fun Park, Fubon Art Foundation, Taipei (TW) ° Everyday, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai (CN)
2011 Nachtauslage, Galerie Lena Bruening, curated by Susanne Prinz, Berlin (DE) ° The Couple Show, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai (CN) ° No Government No Cry, curated by Kendell Geers, c.i.a.p., Hasselt (B)
2010 This Modern World? An art as billboard project, curated by Mathieu Borysevicz, Cool Docks, Shanghai (CN) ° Shifting definitions, OV Gallery, Shanghai (CN)
2009 Fantastic Illusions, curated by Christophe Dejaeger and Art Yan, Buda Art Center, Kortrijk (B) ° Time to destination, curated by Ronald Van de Sompel, Komplot at Zennestraat 17, Brussels (B) ° Jeugdzonde, over opus een en min een, Hedah Center for Contemporary Art, Maastricht (NL) ° Fantastic Illusions curated by Art Yan and Christophe Dejaeger, MOCA, Shanghai (CN) ° International Photo Festival 2009, Knokke-Heist (B)
2008 Un-Scene, curated by Dirk Snauwaert, Devrim Bayar and Charles Grohy, Wiels Center for Contemporary Art, Brussels (B) ° Artlab/ Artificial Nature, curated by Alicia Framis, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Shanghai (CN) ° Cuesta, Contemporary Art in Tielt, Tielt (B) ° Markiezin zkt. Kunst, Kasteel van Gaasbeek, Gaasbeek (B) ° Intrude: Art & Life 366, curated by Biljana Ciric, Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai (CN)
2007 Multi/Plier, Galerie Les filles du calvaire, curated by Edith Doove, Brussels (B) ° Versus IV, Maegdendaele, Oudenaarde (B) ° SecondRoom @ W139, Amsterdam (NL) ° Storm op Komst, de Warande, Turnhout (B) ° Remote/ Control, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Shanghai, (CN)
2006 hereisthere, Budafest, Kortrijk (B) ° Freestate, curated by Hendrik Tratsaert and Lieven Van Den Abeele, Old Military Hospital, Ostend (B) ° Borderline Video Festival, Beijing (CN)
2005 Kunst & Zwalm, Zwalm (B) ° Les Ventinelles, Anglet (F) ° Hier/Anderswo, Kunstpanorama, Luzerne (CH)
2004 The square root of Memory, curated by Filip Luyckx, Huis Van Winckel, Dendermonde (B) ° The resistance of Ether, Netwerk Center for Contemporary Art, Aalst (B)
2003 Wanderlust, with Freek Wambacq and Gabriel Lester, Dansaert 182, Brussels (B) ° Boobytrap, kunsthuis Syb, Beetsterzwaag (NL) ° Bisoncaravan, Aarhuskunstmuseum, Aarhus (DK)
2002 Staal/made in Belgium, curated by Paul Lagring, Galerie Duchamp, Yvetot (F) ° Young Artists, curated by Filip Luyckx, Sint-Lukas gallery, Brussels (B) ° A haunted house of Art, curated by Gabriel Lester, Outline, Amsterdam (NL)
1999 Illusion/Free Space/ Forever young, N.I.C.C., curated by Gert Robijns and Fransesca Lesak, Antwerp (B)