A whole new world a go-go

Ytong cinderblocks, magazine paper, aluminum wire, wooden pallets

Media images and building materials come together in A whole new world a go-go where beauty, tradition, eroticism and gender are put into play. Central to the display are eight sculpted vases holding paper flowers, with a ninth vase standing empty. They are arranged upon varying stacks of cinder blocks and 2 wooden pallets further bringing together the contrasting cultural spaces.

Heidi Voet: Is this a construction site?
Alicia Framis: It is the transformation of a construction site into desire.

AF: And what do you think is their desire?
HV: You mean the women? Money, I think. It’s similar to the construction sites here. The goal is to make money and not too many other concerns are involved. You don’t have to look much further.

From a conversation between Heidi Voet and Alicia Framis