Endless Magic*

Endless Magic*

*Endless Magic coming to China

a fictional story I wrote is published between the daily news in a Chinese newspaper.

Endless Magic coming to China

The 86-year-old Giuseppe Magiccomo, a resident of a small village in the south of Italy, was struck by a heat stroke last week while performing a magic trick. Due to the heat captured in his body, the magic he was performing could not be stopped.

As a 14-year-old boy, Giuseppe Magiccomo, was introduced by his father Pepe Magiccomo to the arts of Magic. During the 1920's his father had a business selling noodles to China and during the long lost hours of those journeys, he learned how to perform magic tricks. His fascination for tricks began as a pass time, but soon it became his main occupation, which forced him to quit his noodle business. Pepe Magiccomo quickly became a master in multiplying white rabbits and other tricks like changing the color of a lantern, or a rope. While his son grew up, Pepe Magiccomo prepared a secure future for his son and constructed ‘the Magic Rabbit theater’ were later, he imagined, his son could continue performing his magic tricks and powers.

When Giuseppe Magiccomo reached the age of 14, his father concentrated fully on the education of his son. He was determined his son was going to become the King of Magic. Everyday, from morning to evening, they practiced the tricks. Giuseppe quickly learned how to multiply white rabbits, to cut his mother in pieces without hurting her, and how to make his next-door neighbor disappear and again, return.

During the 1980's Giuseppe Magiccomo became the leading man of magic in Europe and the United States. Besides performing in ‘The Magic Rabbit Theater’ that his father established in 1933, Giuseppe Magiccomo was summoned on various occasions to help mankind. During the big flood of the Rhein River in Holland in 1973, he was called in to perform his magic to evacuate the water. In 1987, he performed his magic to lower a mountain in Switzerland, so that villagers could be rescued with ease after a heavy snowstorm.

Recently Giuseppe Magiccomo was asked by the Italian Ministry of Food Provision to find a solution for the growing shortage of food in Africa due to the globally raised food prices. Italy raised 88 million euro for their ‘Food for Africa Program’.
Giuseppe Magiccomo proposed to buy premium Italian pasta with the 88 million euro to stimulate the Italian economy, and transform it into rice before sending it to Africa. Rice has higher nutritious than pasta values and can be stored easier. Rice also requires less valuable drinking water to boil the grains, compared to the water needed for boiling pasta. Enough reasons for the Italian Ministry of Food Provision to agree with Mr. Giuseppe Magiccomo's proposal and start the ‘Food for Africa Program’.
Last month the pasta was produced in Milan and shipped to Giuseppe Magiccomo hometown two weeks later. The process of transforming the pasta into rice by his magic powers was estimated to take 13 days. On the last day of the pasta transformation Giuseppe Magiccomo was struck by a heat stroke. Due to the heat contained in his body, he has lost control over his powers and is unable to manage the transformation. Italy has called out a state of emergency because three-fourth of Italy's pasta provision is now turned into rice. Restaurants and shops in Italy see their costumers outraged for not being able to answer the demand of pasta. Traditional pasta dishes are being served with rice now, which is traumatizing to the national psyche and the Italian spirit.
As a last resort and in the hope of finding a remedy in Chinese traditional medicine, Giuseppe was flown to china the day before yesterday. He is kept in quarantine in a village in Southern China. Since then, a state of alert is announced in view of the fact that his powers have changed its initial course and he now transforms rice into pasta.