Mr. & Mrs. (Subsub-Mirage)

Mr. & Mrs. (Zenith-Brandjes)

Mr. & Mrs. (Subsub-Mirage)

wood flooring, DVD projection
70×315×630 cm

Mr. & Mrs. (Subsub-Mirage) Mr. & Mrs. (Subsub-Mirage)

Beamed upon a raised floor, a video projection discloses a serene world of shadows and puzzled perspectives.

A one-meter high wooden flooring bisects a small, darkened room, leaving only a small portion of space open for spectators. A single florescent lamp shines out from underneath the flooring, while a slanted video projection stretches out across its top. These two sources of illumination split the dim room into 'above' and 'under' areas. The deep under area is low and empty, aside from the bright glare of the suspended florescent lamp. The area above the floor is more subdued, being only illuminated by the video beamer and the shifting colors being projected upon the wooden planks.

Within the five minute video sequence, the shadow of a person merges with the shadow of a tree. At first it appears that the person is holding the tree with one hand. However once that person's finger enters the frame's foreground, the proper perspective becomes unclear. The extended finger 'touches' the end of the same shadowed branch with which its shadow had just merged. These two examples of false contact between the person's hand and the branch play out a slow motion 'caress' between foreground, background and shadowed projection.

The scene changes to a reflected image of a tree, surrounded by the banks of a swollen lake, then repeats the opening sequence in normal speed. The video's third sequence returns to the flooded tree and the person's finger once again reaches out to make a 'perspective contact' with a similarly sawed-off branch. Two other fingers come into the frame and complete a three-pronged connection, uniting the immediate foreground with the distant background in and illusionary synthesis of separate features.

The final video sequence shows the same hand pulling away a photocopy of a tree silhouette from a small pile of fuchsia-colored sand. The mirage is thus evaporated.