In pieces and parts

clothes, suitcases, performance, prints on archival paper
variable dimensions

We tend to have an intimate relationship with our clothes as objects that constitute our daily public appearance and aid in performing social roles. For In pieces and parts Heidi Voet’s entire wardrobe is copied, using colourful fabrics that resemble mass-produced clown and entertainment costumes as an exaggeration of our fluid identities and roles we perform in our daily lives. Devoid of any role play, 70 non-professional, local performers from diverse backgrounds wear the costumes during the opening reception of the exhibition and mingle with the crowd.
In pieces and parts ventures from the intimate, replicas of an individual’s clothes, to a shared space and experience. The clothes become a catalyst to initiate connection between people, through time and different geographies, whilst undermining fixed patterns of social codes and hierarchies.

After the opening reception individual photo documents of the performers are displayed on the exhibition walls. The clothes are prepared, folded and packed in three suitcases which are placed opened on the floor, ready to be moved to another location and be unfolded again.

exhibition view