Is six afraid of seven
‘cause seven, eight, nine
I’m about to lose the pieces I find

4000 digital watches, sound

A large-scale installation produced from more than 4000 digital watches, Is six afraid of seven/ ‘cause seven, eight, nine/ I’m about to lose the pieces I find uses both their material and metaphorical connotations to reflect on labour, individuality and the relative experience of time. Periodically, the watches chime the hour. Perfectly synchronized to the second, at the exhibition opening they sound in unison. But as time passes, this breaks down into a cacophony due to each watch’s slightly different measure of a second. Times and cultures are literally interwoven in this work, the cheap Asian plastic goods creating a decorative carpet that echoes aspects of orientalism in the home and in museums adds historical and socio-political significance to the work.

“the march of time is subtle yet unceasing and its cumulative effect results ultimately in dissolution and increased chaos.”
Excerpt from the text Beautiful because it is brief by Maya Kramer.